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Resume or Curriculum Vitae is a document form of your life experiences toward a professional sphere to apply for a job. This document is the utmost requirement in applying for a job, because curriculum vitae consists of information about someone’s life like personal information, educational backgrounds, jobs experiences, organizational experiences, to your hobbies that is written in your Resume.

Open the website, then click Create My Resume. Choose to make a Resume, then fill in your data like name, address, email, and any other personal information. Describe yourself in About Me, fill in your educational background, job experiences, and any other things related to your professional experiences. Choose the Resume design, then make a payment. For downloading, log in to the user dashboard, and you can download it in the PDF format.

Cover Letter is an official letter made by a job seeker to send it to the head of a company, institution, foundation, etc. This letter is giving a short information about why you are an exact candidate to get accepted in said company. Write down your accomplishments and your skills that impress the company, and of course, your purpose that is aligned with the vision and mission of the company.

The format of a good and right cover letter consists of several important things like the place and the date of the cover letter written, the purpose of the letter or for whom the letter is for, greetings, personal bio, attachment, and a closing sentence.

Creating a Resume and Cover Letter is very easy in BikinCV, just fill in your personal data through the form available, fill in with educational background, job experiences, organization experiences, etc. Then you could fill in for whom the cover letter for. Choose a design and make a payment. Then you can download the Resume and the Cover Letter in a PDF format through the user dashboard.

The price to make a Resume starts from Rp 29.500,-, the price for a cover letter starts from Rp 28.500,- and the price to make both starts from Rp 52.200. Check into this page about the complete price of a Job Resume.

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