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Applying for jobs can be stressful, but creating your resume doesn’t have to be. BikinCV is an easy to use platform that creates professional resumes and cover letters in just 5 minutes. Our 20+ templates are professionally designed to help you stand out and make a great impression.


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What is BikinCV ?

BikinCV is an online resume and cover letter builder that is fast, easy, and automated. You just fill out a simple form and generate a PDF resume or cover letter.

With various captivating templates and cover letters with various designs and colors that will make your Resume look cooler and easy for you to get attention from a company recruiter, so your chance to get a job will be bigger.

In BikinCV, you can change your data in Resume wherever and whenever you’d like to. Log in to your dashboard via a smartphone or a PC, then you can edit it whatever you like.


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Why BikinCV?

Our quick and easy to use service will help you get your dream job in no time.

Create, Edit, Preview

Create a beautiful resume with no design skills. Edit your resume easily and preview the final document before downloading.

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Unsure what to write? Use the Inspiration Button to see examples of great About Me sections and job experience descriptions.

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Maximize your chance of getting the interview with a beautiful cover letter that aligns with your resume.

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Create a professional online profile to showcase your talents to recruiters. Pick your own username and profile photo to go with your new resume and cover letter.

How does BikinCV work?

Create your resume in 3 easy steps:

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Fill in Data

Fill out our simple form with your personal info, professional summary, education, and work experience.

Pilih Design

Choose a Design

Pick from our wide selection of beautiful designs. All of our templates are designed by experts to ensure that your resume is professional and correctly formatted.

Download CV

Download Resume

Download your new resume or cover letter as a PDF, and get started applying for jobs!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Just click the. “Make a resume + cover letter” button on the top of this page, or click here. Fill in the data on the form (”About me” education, job experience etc). Then select a design and make a payent to download your new resume.

You can download your resume or cover letter in PDF format.

You can edit your resume any time through your user dashboard.

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The Best Resume Templates are Waiting For You

What is a Resume and Cover Letter?

When applying for a job, there are several things to prepare that recruiters are looking for. One of the most important is your resume. Your resume is meant to show your experience and qualifications to the employer.

As time goes by, making a CV has been having an upgrade from the previous form in paper, now you can make it via online. It is the same as a conventional CV, in making a CV via online, there are things that need to be paid attention to, so it looks outstanding. Because, not just your personal data, making a CV via online is required to pay attention to the template and layout. Here are some tips around CV :

1. List your personal information in the correct order

The first step to making your online resume is paying close attention to the information you choose to include, and the sequence. You want your resume to be clear, easy to follow, and to include all of the information recruiters are looking for. Use the order below to make sure your resume includes the correct information in the correct order.

  • Your starting point should be your identity and contact information such as your name, address, phone number, and any other relevant personal information.
  • Next include your educational background, with field of study and your grades/GPA.
  • When writing about yourself, keep it short. Make sure to only include relevant information and don’t forget to discuss important work experience.

2. Showcase your skills

It isn’t enough to just fill in about the personal data or identity sequentially, it needs to attach the information skill or ability that you have. In this era, a job isn’t just seeing where the education is or comes from. More than that, the hiring committee will consider the skill or ability of the potential employee.

One example is if a graphic designer wants to work in a startup or big company, it will be better for the job seeker to post the accomplishment and the skill, like designing for a company or certain institution. Also if the job seeker has an experience in training that’s related to the job that’s going to be used for applying by the job seeker.

The job seeker skill has an important role when it will be used for work and it will have an impact on the result. Therefore, if in the training step or probationary period the company feels satisfied with the skill of the potential employee, then it’s sure that the potential employee will be kept as the permanent employee.

3. Introduce In Short, Dense And Clear

The third step in making an online CV is to try to make it short and solid. The majority of companies, especially the recruiter division will like a job seeker who describes shortly and densely. If it’s long-winded, it will make the recruiter reluctant to read the online CV.

Even more if the language that’s been used isn’t formal or too boring. This needs a skill. If you want to describe something, try to always use words that’s easy to understand. If the style of the language is easy to understand, the recruiter will read the entire online CV and will consider the job seeker as the potential employee.

An online CV that’s short and dense shows someone performance. It means, the job seeker will be considered by the recruiter as a potential candidate that’s fast and doesn’t like to procrastinate in finishing the job that has a good result.

4. Know the website for creating online CV

When it comes to online CV, it feels lacking if you don't talk about a website that supports the creation of the online CV. At this point, the reference website is that has several benefit rather than any other Online CV making service, that is:

  • has various designs that you can choose as aligned as your character or whatever you like.
  • is a service platform to make an online CV that has a prominent customization page that’s detailed and in order, so the text will look professional in Indonesian or English.
  • is a platform that includes an assistance from optimizer feature that can make a revision if there’s some information lacking.

5. Easy Solution With A Cheap Online CV Creation Service

Choose one from various templates in, then adjust in minutes. With several clicks that are easy, you can change color, font, layout, and add graphics that align with the job that you’re about to apply for.

Through creating a CV on, applying to the dream job is becoming easier and faster. Just choose one from several templates, then adjust as you want with just several clicks.

You don’t need to spend hours setting the CV format, or choosing additional font for your cover letter. Creating a CV using Online CV creation service that’s cheap on results in a beautiful, interesting CV that’s without difficulty.

6. Saving Time And Saving Cost With Interesting And Cheap CV Creation Service

Through cheap CV creation on, we have worked hard in designing and setting the format of your CV. Using our flexible templates will save your time, you just need to add your professional experiences and adjust the design as what you need.

Let us help you to design your CV, so you can focus on promoting your skill and you’ll get your dream job. Just click Create CVto start it!

Beside that, there’s also several examples of letters that you could use for certain purposes. Some examples of such letters include:

Cover Letter

This letter as its name is for applying for a job. Cover Letter usually be sent together with Curriculum Vitae and other required documents to the company that you apply for. Click Cover Letter Examples to see some samples of Cover Letterthat’s been made by our team.

Letter of Authority

Letter of Authority is important, because this letter is a letter that explains about granting authority or power from one party to another party that’s been given confidence because the giver is unable to carry out the task/job. Click the sample of the Letter of Authoritythat’s been written by our team.

Letter of Agreement

Letter of Agreement is used usually for Sale and Purchase Agreements and Lease Agreements of something. Click the following sample of the Letter of Agreementthat’s been written by our team.


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